Mouli Narayanan

Founder & CEO

As a technologist, entrepreneur, and innovator over three decades, Mouli has started companies, raised capital, and developed strategic customers/markets in the areas of Fintech, digital health, and data center technologies and delivered on transformational technologies, including in IoT and AI.
Mouli, in various senior technology and innovator roles in JPMorgan and BearStearns, has delivered on the most extensive grid computing system on Wall Street for quant, an award-winning brokerage workstation technology, a global order, and execution management technology that traded $4B notional daily trades, and a market-leading clearing platform integrating partners, on-prem and cloud technologies. As an entrepreneur, he won critical projects in clinical Pharma by creating use cases using AI and digital biomarkers. Through Zeblok, Mouli wishes to truly democratize AI and make it available to every business, small and large, in turn for them to offer world changing and impactful products.
Mouli's deep-tech background spans high-performance computing, distributed and enterprise computing, GPU acceleration, messaging systems, cloud architectures, AI, algorithms, and quantum-inspired solutions on classical. He has published papers and holds a patent in some of these areas. Mouli is an advisory board member in NSF CVDI and an advisory board member at Shenzhen IoT.
Mouli holds a Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering from Penn State University.

+1 201.637.3603