Ai-MicroCloud™ for All Things Ai/ML

Zeblok Computational's Ai-MicroCloud™ provides composable foundational components for you to build a technology framework to build your Ai and ML projects.  

The retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is characterized by relatively low margins, high seasonality, demand variability, inventory risk, and influence of consumer sentiment. These characteristics amplify the importance of predictive analytics for key activities such as sales forecasting, demand planning, supply chain management, and inventory optimization. The bottom line is ensuring the right product is available at the right price at the right time, thus meeting customers’ needs. 

New opportunities for AI and ML applications in manufacturing and supply chain management include demand, supply chain, production, maintenance, and life-cycle planning, as well as quality monitoring and predictive analytics. The benefits include reducing cost, customer churn, and waste while increasing agility, efficiency, productivity, and safety.​

From Electricity generation to storage, transport, distribution, and consumption, the energy industry value chain is extremely volatile and is being rapidly transformed by global market trends such as deregulation, renewable energy, carbon footprint reduction, energy exchanges and smart meter/grid technologies. Modeling for energy industry support key decision making that can affect short-term supply and demand planning, energy efficiency, spot market futures, energy production, and long-term capacity management. 

For health care providers, advanced analytics and AI can augment efforts to personalize health care while improving overall population health one patient at a time. The use cases are piling up. Computer vision helps radiologists improve the speed and accuracy of cancer diagnostics. Predictive analytics helps patients get placed in the right care setting and get seen by the right clinical staff. 

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