GPU-Supercomputing Micro Cloud

Offering the only and the most cost-effective turnkey solution on the market

Immediately and securely access 20+ tensor Petaflops (a Petaflop is a computer's ability to do one quadrillion floating-point operations per second) in our AI-Landing Micro Cloud. We built this GPU Supercomputing Micro Cloud in partnership with the Center of Excellent for Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT), a Long Island High Tech Incubator at the Stony Brook University Campus. The SMART cluster is a dual-use cluster that converts from a visualization reality deck to a GPU Supercomputing cluster, enabled through our engineering. 

Stay tuned – we have contracts in place in Chicago to expand to 200+ tensor PFLOPS in 2021. The option to choose capacities at different data centers based on geographical, technical, and compliance requirements is possible through the platform. 

This landing environment provides a real choice for our customers. Zeblok Computational implements all composable foundational components in the customer data centers. Still, the customers can choose to leverage this turnkey GPU Supercomputing Micro C
loud offering.  They should have the flexibility to move their data into this micro cloud and agree to the Service Level Agreement terms supported in this environment. Our solution offers the most cost-effective GPU Supercomputing environment on the market

Submit your work to Single or Multi-GPUs at a Click of a button

Our AI Landing Micro Cloud provides for Single or Multi-GPUs infrastructure to submit your work in a click of a button

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