Ai-WorkStation & Ai-HPC-WorkStation

Enabling Zero Learning Curve, Open-Source, Virtualized Notebook for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and Ai Engineers

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The Zeblok Ai-WorkStation provides a single unified environment, which seamlessly orchestrates infrastructure, open source Ai/ML frameworks and proven original Ai algorithms. An intuitive and simple user interface enables a data scientist, data engineer, or Ai engineer to access petaFLOPS of computing power, efficiently develop and train new Ai models and take them to production in a runtime environment on the same platform, with consummate ease.

The Zeblok Ai-WorkStation builds upon and virtualizes the ubiquitous Jupyter notebook technology, integrating a powerful multi-class orchestration and scheduling layer to support a variety of workloads, from a single GPU to hundreds. Under the hood, our container-based orchestration engine supports both straightforward (non-computationally intensive) AI model development, as well as computationally-intensive workloads.

The Zeblok Ai-WorkStation provides enormous freedom to run enterprise workloads in many data centers based on cost profile and tailored to application requirements. This flexibility to drive their workloads is capital-efficient. A user can select low latency compute resources from business partners' data centers or from (albeit higher priced) public clouds like AWS, GCP and Azure.

Data scientists don't have to waste time optimizing frameworks on GPU platforms. CUDA optimization for all Ai frameworks is available out of the box and ready to go with the click of a button. Popular data science language bindings, such as R, Scala, and Python are also available. We leveraged a community of data scientists to beta-test and harden these containers so enterprise developers can spend their time developing innovative models, rather than attending to infrastructure.

The Zeblok Ai-WorkStation also makes it easy for developers to build and share new containers with fellow team members, improving organizational productivity. Dependency management, which is involved in Ai development, is greatly simplified and incorporated with examples for a developer to implement high-quality software. Zeblok's AI-WorkStation also makes it a breeze to promote models developed into APIs through a few simple commands.

Go ahead and confidently access petascale capacity through a few clicks from any laptop.

For Data Scientists, Data Engineers

Data Science Frameworks

Familiar open-source data science frameworks at your finger tips



Data scientists and data engineers can access curated Ai algorithm notebooks within the Ai-AppStore in a few clicks. 


Access to Ai-HPC-WorkStation

Access high-performance computing with Ai-MicroCloud™ in a few clicks.


Dashboard to manage notebooks

Easy to use dashboard to manage all your notebooks within the Ai-WorkStation


For IT Administrators

Role-Based Access Control

Organization Admin can create new roles that gives users access to create, update, read and/or delete notebooks


User Groups

Super Admins can create user groups and assign notebook as needed. 


Multi-Cloud Orchestration Settings

Organization Admins can add login credentials to their public cloud account (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.) within the Zeblok Ai-MicroCloud™ to spawn notebooks as needed. The access key and secret key are encrypted in AES-256-GCM encryption.  


Resource Utilization Metering

Monitor resource utilization to the second. Get a monthly summary of resources utilized by per notebook and per user.

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Up to the Second Monitoring

Monitor resource utilization up to the second using our sophisticated monitoring mechanism

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Third Party API Integration

Integrate your own billing/metering system as well as IaaS orchestration engine with our third party API integration


Technical Documentation Support

Access all our technical documentation for easy navigation and use of our Ai-MicroCloud™