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Zeblok Computational’s accelerated AI Platform-as-a-Service for is uniquely suited to AI/ML development in Biotech/Pharma/Life Sciences markets, providing everything that your team needs including High Performance computing (HPC) orchestration to develop, deploy and manage AI applications, transforming AI projects into real-world business solutions. Powered by curated proven, original algorithms, with deployment available in the cloud, on-premises or in Zeblok's private micro cloud, Zeblok can help you ingest and evaluate the value of data more efficiently, to integrate AI:

  • Within mission-critical processes

  • Into your proprietary research platform for Drug discovery, identifying patients for clinical trials, disease identification & diagnosis and find therapies or rare diseases

  • To make more informed decisions

  • To differentiate and personalize product offerings


Bring to life your most challenging data-driven strategies.   

How AI/ML Can Help Life Science, Pharma, Biotech Companies:

There are multiple areas ripe for data-driven initiatives within the categories of drug discovery, therapies for rare diseases, identifying patients for clinical trials and product research..

New Drug Discovery: 

High Performance computing platform is needed to run simulations to understand how proteins fold and how proteins bind to proteins – actions, mechanisms and binding affinities – to enable design of drugs for high-affinity binding to proteins. AI/ML modeling, that uses physics-based methods to examine motions, forces and free energies within biological mechanisms help accelerate new drug discovery.

Therapies for Rare Diseases:

Insufficient knowledge of the disease pathophysiology and natural history combined with the insufficiency of validated outcomes and disease-specific biomarkers delays establishing new therapies. AI/ML models such as genomic analysis by means of next generation sequencing (NGS) and other “omics technologies” has boosted Rare Disease diagnosis and molecular understanding. 

Identify Patients for Clinical Trials:

Traditional methods of identifying patients for clinical trials has many short coming resulting in delays and increasing cost. AI/ML models can help target patients with rare conditions needed for a specific drug clinical trial based on public and private healthcare data.

Diagnosis and Disease Identification:

The biggest challenge in medicine is correct diagnosis and identification of diseases. AI/ML models help medical professionals from initial identification of disease to predicting mortality rates and tracking treatment effectiveness in subsequent patient visits. 

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