We work with data scientists at universities, startup companies and algorithm development shops to constantly look for efficient algorithms and make them available as notebooks on our platform. You can launch the algorithm you select in minutes, with the same consummate ease as launching an AI-Workstation, with AI-frameworks optimized on CPU/GPU architecture for dramatic improvement in productivity. This permits you to easily evaluate the algorithm’s efficacy in solving business problems and seamlessly integrate it into your business process.

We are changing the definition of how you can operationalize AI in your business. Fully defined software that is suited to solving a business problem is how we think of product. Now, you can use AI as a foundation for your business, paying a royalty to utilize the algorithm, while retaining the intellectual property of your end product.


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University Affiliations

Access ubiquitous data science tools like Jupyter Notebooks, Docker, Python, R, Scala make it a

zero-learning-curve workstation for data scientists.

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Explainable-AI Algorithm

Akai Kaeru’s Explainable-AI software discovers and visually explains

interesting patterns and causal relations in complex data, supporting

data analysts in the construction of trustable decision-making AI models.

Say goodbye to tedious data exploration and instead gain quick access to

the hidden information in your data within an easy to understand visual


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Aerial Augmenting Situational Awareness system

The technology uses AI based object detection and segmentation. Images show the objects identified with probabilities.


Multi-User, Multi-Class Orchestration

Let all your data scientists and engineers run workloads into one platform. Orchestration provides Kubernetes-as-a-service and Slurm-as-a-service.