AI Micro Cloud for Financial Services

Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Lenders, Payments Processors, Investment Banks & Insurance Companies 



Zeblok Computational’s accelerated AI Platform-as-a-Service for is uniquely suited to AI/ML development in financial services, providing everything your team needs to develop, train, deploy and manage AI applications, transforming AI projects into real-world business solutions. Powered by curated proven, original algorithms, with deployment to enterprise data centers, public clouds and Edge locations, Zeblok creates a private AI micro cloud for each of its clients.


Zeblok can help you ingest and evaluate the value of data more efficiently, to integrate AI:

  • Within mission-critical processes

  • Into your proprietary research platform, financial modeling and valuation methodology

  • To make more informed decisions

  • To differentiate and personalize product offerings


Bring to life your most challenging data-driven strategies.   

How AI/ML Can Help Financial Services Companies:

There are multiple areas ripe for data-driven initiatives within the categories of revenue growth, cost reduction, operational improvement, risk management and compliance. 

Revenue Growth: 

Increasingly personalized service can have an impact on customer retention, enhancing top line growth. AI/ML models can help reduce customer churn, with product recommendations & personalization.

Cost Reduction:

Process improvement and automation can help decrease costs. AI/ML models help to get faster insights into data, helping anomaly detection and automation to reduce costs.

Risk Management:

Reducing risk from numerous sources is an ongoing challenge. AI/ML models can help to accurately point to issues related to anti-money laundering (AML),  and Know your customers (KYC). Purpose built models can provide transparency in credit risk & loss forecasting,  detect anomalous behavior and prevent cyber attacks.



The financial services industry regulatory landscape is very complex and everyone needs to abide by it. From Basel III for capital and liquidity to the Dodd Frank Act for derivatives, from FATCA for market integrity to DFA Volker Rule for trading, the list of regulations is every growing. AI/ML models can help financial institutions to identify those rules that apply to them and how best to structure compliance protocols.

Learn how you can use for your AI/ML project:

Asset Management

Alternative Investment

Wealth Management


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 Full implementation of an Explainable AI algorithm on a virtualized notebook, in concert with Zeblok's GPU-powered data lake in our MicroCloud environment. 

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