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Computational Drug Discovery for COVID-19

Zeblok is providing the Laufer Center with the turnkey hyperconverged AI-WorkStation that they need to run this protein folding simulation.

To accelerate drug discovery for SARS-CoV-2 virus using computer modeling as a front line design tool is computationally very expensive. Stony Brook Laufer Center specializes in computationally intense, physics-based, molecular simulations to help medicinal chemists understand the biological mechanism of how the virus is causing damage.  It further aims to pinpoint, with precision, which drug candidates might be the best ones based on drug binding affinity to the protein target. These simulations require 100+ NVIDIA GPUs.


In our prior limited benchmarking work, the Zeblok Computational platform on the CEWIT cluster was 6x faster than Cray GPUs for the equivalent task indicating a single simulation run completion in 2-3 days vs. 21 days previously.

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Turnkey AI-WorkStation for COVID-19 Analysis

Zeblok Computational has teamed up with partner company, Akai Kaeru, to bring you their Explainable-AI algorithms. More technical information and use-cases here.

The Zeblok Turnkey COVID-19 Epidemiology Notebookis available to data scientists and analysts on the front lines analyzing the epidemiological data on COVID-19. Reduce your time to insight to minutes. It provides deeper comprehension through AI-driven-visual-analytics on the UNCOVER dataset from Kaggle, as part of the UNCOVER COVID-19 Challenge, sponsored by the Roche Data Science Coalition. Zeblok and Akai Kaeru are committed to keeping thZeblok Turnkey COVID-19 Epidemiology Notebook up to date as new data and insights become available.

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