AI PaaS for

Cloud Service Providers and Managed Services Providers

Offer a Cloud-Native, Multi-Class, Multi-Cloud AI/ML Development Platform to Your Enterprise Clients



Innovation officers at Cloud Service Provider are under constant pressure to evolve inventory of assets and infrastructure offerings that are adaptable and cater to enterprise clients' digital transformation needs. The impact of disruption from cloud and edge computing, coupled with advances in Data science and accelerated computing using GPUs are constantly changing the way CSPs can offer next generation of cloud services.

The same set of challenges exists while offering artificial intelligence and machine learning products and solutions. The build versus buy dilemma, tightened budgets, reducing time to market and keeping up with the pace of innovation by competitors are keeping Innovation Officers up at night. CSPs want products and solutions that will keep customer churn low, attract new clients and offer higher margin solutions.

Zeblok Computational provides an enterprise-ready turnkey AI Platform-as-a-Service that helps data scientists and data engineers develop, customize, and deploy AI projects quickly, generate new insights and enhance decision-making capabilities. Data centers can deploy Zeblok's AI PaaS composable foundational components in their own single or multi-location infrastructure, enabling them to offer a secure, scalable AI/ML Platform-as-a-Service to enterprise clients while offering the compliant and audit-ready services. Zeblok's AI PaaS supports all the open source frameworks, provides multi-class & multi-cloud orchestration, enables accelerated AI-pipeline management and includes a growing repository of curated proven Al algorithms. Our API-based approach enables quick integration with existing IaaS orchestration systems as well as billing and metering processes.

Compete effectively with other cloud providers by deploying Zeblok's AI PaaS and start offering high value services that will help enterprise clients in their digital transformation journey within 8-12 weeks.



  • Compete with public clouds

  • Prevent customer churn

  • Attract new clients

  • Increase higher margin service offerings

Chief Innovation Officer

  • Build or Buy AI/ML platform core

  • Keep up with customer demands

  • Keep up with competing innovative solutions

  • Reduce time to market, within budget constraints

Solution Implementation for CSPs

Infrastructure Resources

  • IT Managers to allocate IT resources compute, memory, storage and accelerated compute resources as recommended by Zeblok from their single or multiple data centers to deploy Zeblok's AI PaaS composable foundational components. 

Select Composable Foundational Components you need based on your AI/ML development needs

  • AI-WorkStation (mandatory to install)

  • AI-HPC (optional)

  • AI-Data Lake (optional)

  • Intelligence Marketplace (optional)

Select Multi-Cloud options

  • Additional data center locations

  • AWS

  • GCP

  • Azure

  • Other cloud provider

Select APIs to integrate third party or home grown applications

  • Metering API

  • IaaS orchestration engine


  • Reduce time to market, provide AI PaaS within 8 weeks

  • Cloud-native solution that can scale

  • Deployed in your own data center with your existing security, audit and compliance processes

  • Supports multi-cloud into AWS, GCP, Azure as well as your own additional data center locations

  • Multi-Class Orchestration, including turnkey GPU Supercomputing

  • Supports all open source frameworks

  • Quick plug-in to your existing business processes through API integration, with existing billing and infrastructure orchestration applications

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