Ai-Data Lake

Enabling Accelerated Data Management, Data Engineering and AI Pipelines

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A data lake is a centralized repository that allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale. Zeblok Ai-Data Lake is a high-performance data-store that allows you to import, filter, and instantly analyze objects. Our solution is designed for performance, scales up with your data, and can provide industry-grade SSL security and data-redundancy for high availability of data at SSD speeds.

Seamless accessibility from almost anywhere

Zeblok Ai-Data Lake handles the tasks of data pipe-lining, analysis, and propagation so that you can focus on what matters most. Whether you are ingesting images, video data files coming from IoT sensors at Edge locations through 4G/5G low latency network or uploading large CSV files, Zeblok Ai-Data Lake has you covered, with unprecedented data acceptance, performance and compatibility.

Easily automate your imports, with large files using various methods such as: Browser-based portal, Zeblok Magic Commands, S3 REST API, Data Lake drag-and-drop native Windows App, and HTTP importing. 

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Data Browser Portal

Zeblok Ai-Data Lake provides secure high-availability of your files and objects across a cluster of servers. Authorized users can access and manage all their data in one place through the convenience of the Data Browser Portal. The Browser Portal can securely allow a user to set permissions and upload/download/edit data of various file types and sizes. Users can see a map of files in their bucket without touching a command line.

Zeblok Magic Commands

Zeblok's Magic Commands are ubiquitously available in every Zeblok notebook instance to allow users easy access to a reliable object storage solution. With Magic Commands, users have an array of options that allows for quick and easy way to add blazing fast storage to virtually any network. Magic Commands are intuitive, especially for those familiar with the common  Linux/Unix file system. The command line offers users the ability to create new files, delete old ones, create new folders, share access, and more.

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Inspired by the S3 protocol originally from AWS, Zeblok's Ai-Data Lake provides a secure endpoint that enables users to programmatically upload and manage files using a REST API. The generic S3 REST API offers a unified interface for interacting with any object and provides high-performance uploads and file transfers that can be scheduled or automated between Zeblok notebook instances or external hosts (such as via cron jobs).

HTTP Source

Zeblok Ai-Data Lake also allows users to upload and download files from various HTTP sources without re-downloading files on the local machine. This space-saving method enables users to skip steps between upload and download cycles as desired. 

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Use the Ai-Data Lake within the
Ai-WorkStation Notebook

Access your data files residing in the Ai-Data Lake from  within the Ai-WorkStation notebook using BlazingSQL engine that runs on GPUs 

Blazingly fast queries with big data*

Run big data analytics across Zeblok Ai-Data Lake using our query-in-place GPU enhanced services. Perform blazing fast queries (up to 8x faster*) with SQL expressions and use our Zeblok AI algorithms to analyze data that is stored across your private Ai-Data Lake account across various notebooks. Export queries back to Ai-Data Lake or generate customization visual reports with ease.

*When querying from 3.3 million rows of data having 49 columns to return 1000 resulting rows using 3 logic parameters. Conventional MySQL takes 67 seconds while Zeblok Ai-Data Lake technology takes 8.5 seconds for the same query

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Ai-Data Lake Security

The Zeblok Ai-Data Lake is designed to be scalable and easy to use with a granular access control system where each user only has access to their own files. The platform features implementations for data encryption both in-transit and at-rest. With recommended SSL certificates installed, the Ai-MicroCloud™ offers standard bank-level encryption which is 256-bit AES, the standard for advanced cryptography. The encryption standards available in the Ai-Data Lake platform protects your data from being intercepted by third parties. Furthermore, the REST API endpoints are hardened to only operate on pre-provisioned key/secret pairs.