AI-Data Lake

Enabling Accelerated Data Management, Data Engineering and AI Pipelines.

Object storage with built-in intelligence:

Managing and processing data on conventional servers can be an arduous task. Zeblok Data Lake is a high-performance data-store that allows you to import, filter, and instantly analyze objects. Our solution is designed for performance, scales up with your data, and can provide industry-grade SSL security and data-redundancy for high availability of data at SSD speeds.

Seamless accessibility from almost anywhere:

Zeblok Data Lake handles the tasks of data pipe-lining, analysis, and propagation so that you can
focus on what matters most. Easily automate your imports, with large files using various methods
such as the Zeblok Data Browser Portal, Zeblok magic commands, inbuilt S3 REST API, Zeblok Data
Lake Desktop App, and HTTP source. Whether you are ingesting Image, video data files coming from
IOT sensors at Edge locations through 4G/5G low latency network or uploading large csv files, Zeblok
Data Lake has you covered, with unprecedented data acceptance, performance and compatibility.

Blazingly fast queries with big data:

Run big data analytics across Zeblok Data Lake using our query-in-place GPU enhanced services. Perform blazing fast queries (up to 8x faster*) with SQL expressions and use our Zeblok AI algorithms to analyze data that is stored across your private Data Lake account across various notebooks. Export queries back to Data Lake or generate customization visual reports with ease.

*When querying from 3.3 million rows of data having 49 columns to return 1000 resulting rows using 3 logic parameters. 
Conventional MySQL takes 67 seconds while Zeblok Datalake technology takes 8.5 seconds for the same query


User Interface to Data Lake

S3 like simple interface to upload your data files easily in the AI Platform

Use the Data Lake within the Notebook

Access your Data files residing in the Data Lake within the Notebook using BlazingSQL engine that runs on GPUs 

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