AI Data Workshop

The Journey from Data to Insights 

5 day, Hands-on Session

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Brief Overview

Zeblok Computational provides an enterprise-ready turnkey AI Platform-as-a-Service that helps data scientists and data engineers develop, customize, and deploy AI projects quickly, generate new insights and enhance decision-making capabilities.

We have designed a one week workshop that focuses on how your clients are applying artificial intelligence and data science to their business processes and developing data-driven products and services for their customers. By stepping into their shoes during this workshop, you can better understand how they leverage Zeblok's AI PaaS and the business opportunity that this represents for you to provide your clients with this AI PaaS. 

Workshop Objective:

Experience the power of AI-Rover™ analytics and data visualization notebook, using an explainable AI algorithm exclusive to Zeblok, which provides a crucial data comprehension step as starting point for AI model development. Understand the first step on the journey from data to insight. Develop an understanding of how your clients can benefit from Zeblok's AI PaaS.

Five-day, Hands-on Session Agenda:

  • Experts from Zeblok's team will be available every step of the way

  • Day 1 – Defining the Challenge: Discussions with line of business manager to define the problem statement, learning about the type, volume and quality of data at hand, understanding business processes, etc.

  • Day 2 – How it Works: Demonstration of Zeblok AI PaaS, in-depth discussions on AI-Rover™ and how it provides insights into causation as well as correlation, on-boarding data scientists and data engineers

  • Days 3 - 5 – Hands-on Coding: Selection of specific problem to address, datasets to use. Data scientists/data engineers login to Zeblok's AI PaaS via its private Micro Cloud. Data cleaning to ingest in AI-Data Lake. Using AI-Rover™ for data comprehension and data visualization.

  • Read our current Case Studies demonstrating how others have leveraged Zeblok's AI PaaS to develop solutions

Non Disclosure Agreement

To ensure confidentiality of your project and data, please complete a mutual Non-disclosure Agreement.  

Terms & Conditions
  • Please register below to learn about the cost for the Workshop

  • Zeblok Computational Inc. has the right to accept or reject any request for the Workshop, for any reason – Zeblok Computational's decision in this regard will be final 

  • MSPs can bring their own dataset or a client's dataset

  • Zeblok will provide logins to Zeblok's AI-PaaS to up to 2 data scientists/data engineers per organization for the Workshop, followed by an additional 21 days of access

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