AI Data Workshop

The Journey from Data to Insights 

5 day, Hands-on Session

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Brief Overview

Omitting data comprehension underlies many AI failures – Gartner reports that 84% of AI projects dead-end because they are not scalable. However, we think AI failures have significant attribution for skipping the first step of data comprehension. Data comprehension enables selecting the proper subset of data impacting outcome – derived from patterns, correlations, and causation. Data management and data engineering precede data science, but there is a method to the madness. 


We have designed a one week workshop, with just two hours commitment each day. It focuses on how your clients are applying artificial intelligence and data science to their business processes and building innovative data-driven products and services for their customers. By stepping into their shoes during this workshop, you can better understand how they should leverage Zeblok's AI PaaS and the business opportunity that it represents for your business. 


You can now be your clients' Go-To source for AI capability and customized solutions. Broaden the portfolio of service offerings that you offer and add higher value, high margin revenues.  

Workshop Objective:

Experience the power of AI-Rover™  and data visualization derived comprehension. Using an explainable AI algorithm exclusive to Zeblok, we show how an eight week engagement with your customers can now be one week. Understand the first step on the journey from data to insight. Develop an understanding of how your clients can benefit from Zeblok's AI PaaS.

Five-day, Hands-on Session Agenda:

  • Experts from Zeblok's team will be available every step of the way

  • Day 1 – Bring customer goals and outcomes of interest. Bring your customer data. 

  • Day 2 – Zeblok showcases technology and discusses explainable AI.

  • Day 3 – Zeblok spends time to understand, create initial views.

  • Day 4 –  Zeblok trains your people to interact with data for visual comprehension.

  • Day 5 –  Discuss reframing the problem statement for your customer for success, based on lessons learned.

  • Read Case Studies demonstrating how others have leveraged Zeblok's AI PaaS to develop solutions

Non Disclosure Agreement

To ensure confidentiality of your project and data, please complete a mutual Non-disclosure Agreement.  

Terms & Conditions
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  • Zeblok Computational Inc. has the right to accept or reject any request for the Workshop, for any reason – Zeblok Computational's decision in this regard will be final 

  • MSPs can bring their own dataset or a client's dataset

  • Zeblok will provide logins to Zeblok's AI-PaaS to up to 2 data scientists/data engineers per organization for the Workshop, followed by an additional 21 days of access