Zeblok Frontier Partnership Program

Partner with us to bring your infrastructure to the Zeblok AI Ecosystem

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The convergence of artificial intelligence with internet-connected machines and high bandwidth 4G/5G wireless networks is opening possibilities that were never possible in real life.


Imagine having…

  • A camera-enabled assistant that monitors people not wearing face masks or having higher than normal body temperature

  • An intelligent shoe that sends information on a patient’s walking habits that expert doctors can compare against digital biomarkers to diagnose Parkinson’s disease

  • An algorithm that drives advertisement to a billboard based on a human eye movement tracking system to increase ROI

  • A system that monitors stress levels of healthcare workers at a hospital and provides real time alerts when thresholds are exceeded

Zeblok offers a mechanism for packaging, sharing, licensing and deploying AI models that are not tied to a single proprietary run-time environment or Cloud infrastructure. Data scientists and third-party developers can choose among various edge infrastructure capacities available within Zeblok’s framework to get as close to the customer site to achieve the near real-time delivery of results as needed.


The Zeblok Frontier partnership program enables service providers and data center operators to rent out their infrastructure as a catalog within the Zeblok Workstation via a simple API integration process. 

Data scientists and third-party developers using the Zeblok AI ecosystem will be provided with a dashboard that ranks infrastructure Catalogs based on individual project parameters. Users will be able to pick their infrastructure based on lowest cost (CPU type), closed to the data (lowest latency), fastest speed to iteration (GPU type) for their AI projects. 


Create your Catalog within the Zeblok AI ecosystem and be part of the AI revolution at the Edge!!

The Opportunity

Supported applications

Business Model

The overlapping technology trends of cloud computing at the Edge, GPU-based accelerated computing and the proliferation of pragmatic integration of AI applications into companies’ business/decision processes offers unique opportunities.


Gartner estimates the total enterprise spending on these to reach $5 billion in 2022.

An AI ecosystem at the Edge that integrates with GPU based computing infrastructure, low latency 4G/5G wireless network and upwards of 100Mbit/s throughput will be able to support near real time applications like:


  • Drug Discovery

  • Precision Manufacturing

  • HealthCare

  • Supply Chain

  • Digital Marketing

  • Next Generation Gaming

Evaluating the cost of investment/ownership against the revenue and business models will provide a compelling justification for such collaboration.  We foresee a myriad of ways in which we can work together, beginning with the following:

  • Monetize your own excess infrastructure capacity (CPU/GPU) by integrating it within Zeblok’s AI ecosystem.

  • Offer AI-as-a-Service to enterprise clients.

Team with us

Our Teaming Agreement will help establish the basis for a relationship under which we will work together for the purpose of pooling our complementary capabilities in creating new products and solutions that leverage the capabilities of Zeblok’s AI Ecosystem and your core competencies.

Together we will

  • Build a Joint Solution

  • Establish a Business Engagement Model

  • Develop a Definitive Agreement

  • Build Customer Proposal

  • Announce the Benefits of Our Collaboration to Customers

Download, fill out and sign the Teaming agreement and send it over an email it to us. We will get in touch with you.