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Edge Ai Solution

Simplify Scaling of Edge Ai Deployments

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Steve Hyser

Managing Director / Co-Founder


Zeblok's Ai-MicroCloud™ turns each SmartPoint kiosk into a cloud data center at the Edge, enabling innovative new business models, based on providing Ai applications at the Edge, opening new markets, which were not accessible before. Zeblok also enables SmartPoint to go to market 15-18 months faster.

Edge Ai Opportunities and Challenges

By 2035 there will be one trillion Edge devices, requiring millions of Edge servers from a broad variety of hardware vendors. None of the typical conveniences are available at the Edge – no high-speed file systems, load balancers or GPUs – so delivering low latency Ai insights is challenging. Zeblok's Ai-MicroCloud™ is a software-defined Ai Ecosystem, which solves the problem of scaling at the Edge and makes it dead easy.

The Edge is an ecosystem play. Edge Ai challenges are thus the challenges to establishing and maintaining such an ecosystem, which fall into three categories: 

  • Managing the Ecosystem: Edge Ai requires a diverse set of independent Ai software vendors (ISVs) and Ai algorithms. While ISVs may have built their applications in AWS or Azure, delivering to the Edge on different hardware and with different cloud providers is an expensive bespoke process for each Edge location. 

  • Lowering Cost Per Insight: There is a model-to-API gap and price-to-performance gap for inference engines. 

  • Automation & Scale: Manageability, scalability, security, and compliance requirements in delivering from Cloud to Edge, on disparate hardware at Edge data centers is a software distribution and governance problem.

What Edge Ai Needs

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Delivering a Digital Foundation For Edge Ai

As businesses in every industry embrace innovation in Ai and adapt to a changing technological landscape at the Edge, Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ provides the digital foundation that helps them meet new demands and prepare for the future.


Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ Edge Ai solution brings together all the core components & technologies to provide enterprises an End-to-End lifecycle management to create and manage an Ai ecosystem. 

From designing flexible architectures that support different topologies, automating deployments to thousands of geographically dispersed Edge locations to providing an Ai-Platform-as-a-Service that enables to securely operate, monitor, manage and support an Edge Ai ecosystem, Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ enables enterprises to be at the forefront of Digital Transformation 3.0, driven by the proliferation of Ai-APIs. 

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Use Cases

Smart Cities – Public Safety, Traffic Management, Resource Management
Quick Serve Restaurants – Service Delivery Optimization
Retail – Customer Traffic Monitoring, Dwell Time, Security
▪ Real Estate Facilities Management
▪ Autonomous Vehicles
▪ Venues, such as Transportation Hubs, Stadiums and Arenas

Ai Ecosystem Target Channel Partners for Edge Ai

▪ Cloud Service Providers

▪ Systems Integrators
▪ Managed Services Providers
▪ Edge Data Center Operators
▪ Value-Added Distributors

▪ Smart MEC/Kiosk and EV Charging Station Manufacturers