AI PaaS for Enterprises

Cloud-Native, Multi-Class, Multi-Cloud AI/ML Development Platform hosted within your own data center



With enterprise AI efforts maturing from prototype to production, innovation teams and IT executives face increasing compute, infrastructure and data engineering challenges. Ever increasing data volumes are making the need for GPUs or accelerated compute infrastructure a necessity rather than a luxury. Moreover, there is a significant skills gap to be filled to get IT teams to rack, stack and configure an accelerated compute infrastructure and make it ready for AI projects. Most enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, using more than one cloud infrastructure provider to avoid vendor lock-ins, which they must extend to AI/ML development work. Meanwhile, innovation officers must deal with data engineering, data comprehension, alignment to open source frameworks and adherence to compliance parameters. At the same time, data scientists and data engineers need an infrastructure that minimizes the time they must spend re-configuring environments, while providing efficient data flow and access to shared AI services to be productive and deliver revenue-generating AI/ML projects.

Elegant Solution

Zeblok Computational provides an enterprise-ready turnkey AI Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that helps data scientists and data engineers develop, customize, and deploy AI projects quickly, generate new insights and enhance decision-making capabilities. Zeblok Computational offers enterprise clients a shared utility platform. CIOs, CTOs and Innovation Offices have the opportunity to combine and create a community comprising data scientists, data engineers and AI engineers, as well as analysts in various lines of business to build and collaborate on AI development in a single platform. Furthermore, AI innovation labs outside of the enterprise, including student interns from strategic academic partnerships, can be brought into the same platform. 

Zeblok Computational implements its AI Platform-as-a-Service within the enterprise data center, using its composable foundational components. Users determine granularity of the foundational components based on enterprise needs and the needs of the line of business applications and AI models being developed.


Once implemented, enterprises become truly multi-cloud and are able to execute on numerous enterprise infrastructure strategies due to the flexibility in the deployment architectures afforded by the computational platform. 


For example, if an enterprise has a deep relationship with AWS and application teams require some data to be kept within the enterprise data centers, then some data can be moved into AWS. Then the development team can decide where to launch the foundational components. It can be launched within the enterprise data center or in AWS, with comprehensive audit trails supporting any regulatory requirements.


Enterprise IT / Innovation Office

  • Alignment to open source frameworks

  • Need HPC for scalability

  • Need shared services for AI

  • Need to avoid vendor lock-ins in multi-cloud architecture

Data Scientists

  • Wasted time re-configuring environments

  • Need data flow efficiency

  • Need scheduling options

  • Need better data comprehension

  • Need better AI algorithms

Solution Implementation for an Enterprise

Infrastructure resources

  • Enterprise IT Managers to allocate IT resources Compute, Memory, Storage and accelerated compute resources as recommended by Zeblok from their single or multiple data centers to deploy Zeblok's AI Platform-as-a-Service's Composable Foundational Components. 

Select Composable Foundational Components you need based on your AI/ML development needs

  • AI-Workstation (mandatory to install)

  • AI-HPC (optional)

  • AI-Data Lake (optional)

  • AI-AlgoStore (optional)

Select Multi-Cloud options

  • AWS

  • GCP

  • Azure

Select API's integration to third party or home grown applications

  • Billing and metering

  • IaaS Orchestration engine


  • Unified single AI/ML Platform across the Enterprise

  • Deployed in your own data center with your existing Security, Audit and Compliance processes

  • Supports Multi-Cloud into AWS, GCP and Azure

  • Cloud Native

  • Multi-Class Orchestration including turnkey GPU supercomputing

  • Support for all Open Source frameworks

  • API integration with existing billing and infrastructure orchestration applications

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