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Edge Hardware Certification

Accelerate Ai Adoption at the Edge

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Ben Shen

Director, Cloud IoT Group


The convergence of Ai and Edge computing is driving the next big leap in digital transformation. Advantech and Zeblok enable seamless Edge-to-Cloud Ai services, with faster time to market over a single, turnkey, cloud native platform that reduces ecosystem complexity. Advantech SKY-8000 Edge Servers certified on Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud™ can accelerate the rollout of new Ai solutions anywhere and everywhere. Our joint solution creates micro-data centers at the Edge, unlocking innovative use cases such as smart kiosks, with powerful Ai Edge computing capabilities to build more efficient, greener and safer cities for residents, tourists and businesses.


The Edge Ai hardware market is projected to grow from 920 million units in 2021 to 2,080 million units by 2026, at a CAGR of 17.7%. The key factors contributing to the growth of the market include growth in demand for low latency and real-time processing on Edge devices, emergence of Ai coprocessors for Edge computing, reduction in data storage and operations cost, Increase in cloud-based enterprise workloads and rapid growth in the number of intelligent applications.

All major hardware manufacturers including Advantech, Dell, and Supermicro are building servers that have reference architectures for enterprise, telco and industrial mission-critical applications at the Edge. 

​Edge Hardware Certification Program

The Zeblok Edge Ai solution provides complete lifecycle management for Ai deployments from Cloud to Edge including Design, Deploy, Secure, Operate, Monitor, Manage and Support.

Zeblok’s certification program is designed to ensure smooth functioning of the Ai-MicroCloud™ on reference hardware architectures built specially for Multi Access Compute (MEC) for deployments at the HUB's and Edge's by each vendor.

The scope of the program includes but is not limited to:

I. Design: Enabling the Ai-MicroCloud™ to function seamlessly with any company's infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) components to establish a private cloud comprising hardware, storage and networking provided in a testing lab environment for Hub and Edge topologies.

II. Deployment: Manual or automated implementation of the Ai-MicroCloud™ to a customer's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) components to establish a private cloud that they can manage via the Ai-MicroCloud™ Application Manager.

III. Test: Ensuring smooth functioning of the installed system via the Ai-MicroCloud™ Application Manager, including each component separately, component integration, and full system functionality, along with features.  

Deployment Scenario # 1

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Deployment Scenario # 2

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OEM/ODM Hardware Vendors Certified


Advantech SKY-8000 Series of Edge Servers helps operators, solution providers and enterprises extend the cloud to the IoT Edge by providing scalable platforms that reliably execute business and mission critical services anywhere in the network. Our innovative servers enable a seamless transformation toward cloud native operations and are supported by a vibrant software ecosystem and supply chain, offering key foundational building blocks that accelerate digital transformation. From Private Wireless to Open RAN, Edge and Hybrid Cloud, Advantech is enabling the co-creation of products and services that will form the backbone of the new 5G & AIoT economy.


Hub Hardware Compatibility

Advantech 8201.png

Advantech SKY-8201 2U 20" depth chassis with Dual Intel® Xeon® scalable processors – 4210R  for Compute


Advantech SKY-8201L1 2U 20" depth chassis with Dual Intel® Xeon® scalable processors for Storage

Satellite Hardware Compatibility


Advantech SKY-8101 1U 20" depth chassis with Single Intel® Xeon® SP Gen 2 

Use Cases

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EV Charging Stations

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Smart Kiosks