Ai-MicroCloud™ for HealthCare

Hospital Admission Rate,  Strategy Supplies Forecasting Arrhythmia Predictions, Brain Tumor Segmentation

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Health care providers can leverage AI and advanced analytics to personalize health care, while improving overall population health one patient at a time. There are numerous use cases. Computer vision helps radiologists improve the speed and accuracy of cancer diagnostics. Predictive analytics helps patients get placed in the right care setting and get seen by the right clinical staff.

AI will become the new OS in HealthCare



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Build Domain-Specific Healthcare Applications: 


Ai-MicroCloud™ enables you to develop, deploy and manage bespoke real-time domain-specific AI applications in imaging, genomics, patient monitoring and drug discovery. 

Time Series Data Analytics in the HealthCare Industry

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Hospital Admission Rate

Hospitals need to organize and optimize their supply chains and staffing based on admission rates of patients. They need to capture fluctuations based on factors like weather, calendar and time of day, disease spread and epidemiological evolutions.

Strategic Supplies Forecasting

Adaptive forecasting models that capture new dynamics fast and give insights into underlying demand influencers. Consumption of medical supplies and scarce raw materials. Normal fluctuations in consumption patterns complemented by structural changes due to extreme events, climate changes, epidemiological changes

Edge Video Analytics Use Cases for the HealthCare Industry


Arrhythmia Predictions

Keras model used to detect arrhythmias in ECG time series data 


Pneumonia Detection

Application showcases classifying the probability of Pneumonia in X-Ray images  


Brain Tumor Segmentation

U-Net architecture used to segment brain tumors from raw MRI scans. 


Robotic Instrument Segmentation


Semantic segmentation to identify the segments of robotic instruments within a video frame

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For Time Series Data

Automated predictive model-builder that creates human-readable explainable forecasts and anomaly detection models from historical time series data

Use Cases


Ai-MicroCloud™ for HealthCare

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