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18th August 2020

Zeblok Computational and Trilogy Networks are partnering for the Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI) to accelerate the digital transformation of rural America by bringing the Zeblok AI Platform-as-a-Service to farms, manufacturers, and oil & gas operations via Trilogy's Edge network. The RCI is currently comprised of more than 45 network, Edge and other innovation partners, who are working together to deploy Edge solutions running on a unified, distributed cloud, covering an area of 1.5 million square miles throughout rural America, providing essential infrastructure for 5G, agriculture, and energy solutions. 



AI GPU-Supercomputing


GPU Supercomputing-as-a-Service,

with zero investment

Intelligence Marketplace

Proven original AI algorithms – enterprise business process-ready


Zeblok Ingenuity

Algorithms and Expertise from Top Minds in AI

Benefit from government/academia/industry relationship program

Zeblok Frontier

Extend Your Infrastructure to AI

Build Intelligence Services

Ideas to execution for

pragmatic AI projects!!


“Very simple to install my protein simulation software. Using only 1 GPU on Zeblok's platform, we saw a 6x improvement in performance compared to Blue Waters Cray GPU-based system.”

- Laufer Center   

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