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Partner With Us To Reach New Markets
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Why Partner With Zeblok?

     Zeblok helps algorithm creators fine tune their algorithms for enterprise use, leveraging its Ai-MicroCloud™ to reach new markets, bridging the commercial chasm.



Ingenuity Partner Program

Zeblok helps Ingenuity partners bridge a gaping commercialization chasm, to achieve broad distribution, reach new markets and serve more customers

  • Guidance on algorithm development for optimal commercialization

  • Growing list of enterprises integrating AI into mission-critical business processes

  • Opportunities to generate additional revenues from customizing your algorithm to meet enterprise specific requirements

  • Royalties during AI/ML model development and runtime use of your algorithm


Enterprises use Zeblok’s Ai-Micro Cloud™, a robust turnkey AI Platform-as-a-Service, including your algorithm, accelerated data lake, seamless HPC orchestration and runtime environment to integrate pragmatic AI into their mission critical business processes.

Benefits for Ingenuity Partners

  • Distribution through our Intelligence Marketplace

  • Benchmarking for algorithms and test use cases

  • Ai-Micro Cloud™ to host demos/trials, joint webinars/events

  • Security that safeguards your intellectual property

  • Revenue sharing opportunity

Types of Companies Benefiting as Zeblok Ingenuity Partner

  • Algorithm developers within academia

  • AI startups

  • Other algorithm developers

Partner Engagement Support

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Marketing Tools: Partner logo, solution brief, presentation templates

  • Sales Tools: Ai-Micro Cloud™ to host demos/trials, joint webinars/events

  • Training & Support: API documentation, ticketing system, technical training

Our Ingenuity Partners

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