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Partner With Us To Fuel Innovation With Data
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Why Partner with Zeblok?

     IDC estimates that global data volume will reach 175 zettabytes by 2025. Zeblok’s
Ai-Rover™ analytics and data visualization notebook enables addressing this massive data challenge.



Insight Partner Program

As the world transforms data into understanding, Zeblok’s Insight Partnership Program extends data providers’ reach, with an Ai-Micro Cloud™, a robust turnkey AI Platform-as-a-Service that enterprises use to unlock countless use cases and unleash new insights.

Leverage Zeblok’s robust turnkey Ai-Micro Cloud™, including curated algorithms, accelerated data lake, seamless HPC orchestration and runtime environment to enable your subscribers to embrace the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Zeblok’s accelerated Ai-Data Lake enables 10-15x faster search capabilities.


Zeblok’s Ai-Rover™ analytics and data visualization notebook automatically discerns patterns, correlations and causation within datasets.

Benefits for Insight Partners

  • Activate your datasets for integration with AI/ML models

  • Zeblok’s Ai-Rover™ facilitates analysis to unearth patterns and causality in any dataset

  • Zeblok’s accelerated Ai-Data Lake enables faster search of large datasets in multiple formats

  • Easily monetize datasets as part of Zeblok’s Global Partner Ecosystem

  • Expand revenues and cross-sell/up-sell with unmatched curated algorithms in Zeblok’s Intelligence Marketplace

Types of Companies Benefiting as Zeblok Insight Partner

Data Companies​

Partner Engagement Support

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Marketing Tools: Partner logo, solution brief, presentation templates

  • Sales Tools: Ai-Micro Cloud™ to host demos/trials, joint webinars/events, prospecting guides

  • Training & Support: Training webinars, API documentation, ticketing system, knowledgebase