Ai-MicroCloud for Manufacturing

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Predictive Maintenance,  Asset Failure Analysis, 

Supply Chain Strategy Planning



New opportunities for Ai and ML applications in manufacturing and supply chain management include demand, supply chain, production, maintenance, and life-cycle planning, as well as quality monitoring and predictive analytics. The benefits include reducing cost, customer churn, and waste while increasing agility, efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Build Domain-Specific Manufacturing Applications: 

Ai-MicroCloud™ enables you to develop, deploy and manage bespoke real-time domain-specific Ai applications in maintenance, repair and optimization, and precision manufacturing.

Ai and Machine Learning are giving manufacturers an unprecedented ability to skyrocket throughput, optimize their supply chain and accelerate research and development.



Accenture Report

Time Series Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance

With each cycle of operation, machine components’ original physical parameters deteriorate, requiring diagnostic inspection, maintenance and replacement. Optimizing maintenance time has financial impact. Provides failure prediction and detection, root cause analysis, failure type classification and mitigation recommendation.

Asset Failure Analysis

Anomaly detection leading to explainable forecasts so engineers can do root cause analysis. Analyze impact of local operating conditions and/or specific configuration of the asset vis a vis normal wear and tear.

Supply Chain Strategy Planning 

Enable supply chains to (re-)act and adapt. ML can help create new, improve existing and evaluate more what-if scenarios. Maintain speed of innovation by predicting future market moves to align design initiatives, strategic product lifecycle planning and optimization, product maintenance design processes, etc.

Asset Health Predictive Maintenance

Increase return on assets with near real-time anomaly detection capabilities by forecasting equipment failure, reducing unplanned maintenance and increasing equipment uptime. Deploy models at all levels of manufacturing control operations – field level sensors, direction control level, plant supervisory level, production control level up to scheduling level.

Edge Video Analytics Use Cases for Manufacturing

Safety Gear Detection

Detect number of objects such as safety vests, hardhats, bunny suits, safety glasses


Weld Porosity

Automatically detect porosity defects in gas metal arch welding - classify as "normal" or "bad" weld


Intrusion Detection

Detect multiclass objects and alert when someone enters a restricted area

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For Time Series Data

Automated No-Code predictive model-builder that creates human-readable explainable forecasts and anomaly detection models from historical time series data 

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Ai-MicroCloud™ for Manufacturing

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