The convergence of artificial intelligence with internet-connected devices and high bandwidth 4G/5G wireless networks is opening possibilities that were never possible in real life.  The Zeblok Frontier partnership program brings your infrastructure into the Zeblok AI ecosystem, extending your reach all the way to the Edge.  Whether your business is a traditional data center, managed service provider, edge data center, high performance computing environment, or any other IT services business, your infrastructure can become a part of the Zeblok AI-Ecosystem.

In just under 30 minutes you will learn about:

  • What is AI and its business potential in various vertical segments 

  • Zeblok AI Platform as a service

  • Use case discussions 

  • How you can participate in the AI Ecosystem as an MSP or a Data center operator

  • Q&A

Meet the Speakers

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Mouli Narayana

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Mouli Narayana is the Founder & CEO of Zeblok Computational Inc.

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Rajeev Laghate

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Rajeev Laghate is the Chief Commercial Operations Officer at Zeblok Computational Inc.