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Zeblok's enterprise-ready turnkey AI Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) helps you develop, customize and deploy AI projects quickly, generate new insights and enhance decision-making capabilities. Our platform has been built from the ground up for collaboration from composable foundational components, which makes it easy to deploy and satisfy a multitude of challenges that enterprises, data center operators and Edge operators face.

Zeblok Computational offers enterprise clients a shared utility platform. CIOs, CTOs and Innovation Offices have the opportunity to combine and create a community comprised of data scientists, data engineers and AI engineers, as well as various lines of business analysts, to collaborate on AI development in a single platform. Furthermore, AI innovation labs outside of the enterprise, including student interns from strategic academic partnerships, can be brought onto the same platform. 

Zeblok Computational deploys its AI PaaS within the enterprise data center, using its composable foundational components. Users determine their appropriate mix of the foundational components, based on enterprise needs and the specific line of business applications and AI models being developed.

Once implemented, enterprises become truly multi-cloud and are able to execute on numerous enterprise infrastructure strategies due to the flexibility in the deployment architectures afforded by the computational platform.

For example, if an enterprise has a deep relationship with AWS and application teams require some data to be kept within the enterprise data centers, then some data can be moved into AWS. Then the development team can decide where to launch the foundational components. It can be launched within the enterprise data center or in AWS, with comprehensive audit trails supporting any regulatory requirements.

Platform Applications

The Zeblok AI-WorkStation is a one stop shop. Whether you are looking to start a multi-user data science project using various open-source AI frameworks, or you are looking for a high-performance computing (HPC) environment to distribute your workloads across a large cluster of computational power, we have you covered. 

  • Instant usability

  • Seamless scalability

  • Powerful Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Notebooks

  • Model Training, with ML/DL pipelines

  • Out-of-the-box CUDA optimization on GPU for AI frameworks

  • Supports popular data science language bindings, such as R, Scala, Docker and Python

  • We embrace open-source frameworks and tools

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The Zeblok AI-Data Lake is a high-performance data store that allows you to import, filter, and instantly analyze objects. Our solution is designed for performance, scales up with your data, and can provide industry-grade SSL security and data-redundancy for high availability of data at SSD speeds. 

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The Zeblok Intelligence Marketplace is comprised of proven, curated ground-breaking algorithms, some of which have patents pending, to enable your team to hit the ground running. When you ask your data scientists, they'll tell you they build open pre-trained models and derive inspiration from existing models. Bring your data scientists and AI engineers onto our secure AI PaaS to launch your next model development in minutes. Our ecosystem, comprising academics, AI startups, top algorithm researchers and enterprise data scientists, will inspire your team to build world-class AI applications.

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SaaS Composable Foundational Components
AI Applications
AI Runtime API
PaaS Composable Foundational Components
DS Notebook Virtualization
AI-WorkStation Master
AI-HPC Master
AI-Data Lake
IaaS Composable Foundational Components
Role-Based Access Control

Super Admins can add new users, add payment details and define access to notebooks per user. 


With LDAP and active directory integration, deploy and adopt the security of your own organization within your data center


Integrate with third party or home grown metering/billing and IaaS orchestration system with APIs

Multi-Cloud Orchestration
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