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Rises Critical and Chronic Care (C&CC) algorithm helps the front line doctors with DSS (Decision Support
System), backed by contextual analysis it also enables predictive analysis and personalized treatment. It
serves 3 critical functions.
Automated disease detection - Analysis of initial diagnostic data i.e., radiology imaging data and pathology
reports for Reporting and Marking.
Treatment response assessment - Differential analysis for two visits. Includes disease progression and
response to the treatment
Healthcare Predictive Analytics - predictive analytics for disease prognosis and trajectory

Typical Challenges:

1.The cost of medical intervention - both in terms of money and time
2. The burnt-out medical professionals - > 40% medical professionals are over-stressed
3. Lack of personalized treatment

How Smart Healthcare can help

Intermediate expertise - through integration with IOT, Hub and Spoke Model
Automation of mundane and data driven tasks.
Efficiency and accuracy at a scale - studies more than 100 radio graphs in a minute

Rises C&CC for COVID-19 and other Pulmonary Conditions

Rises C&CC provides a 19 class analysis,
which means disease detection and
reporting of 19 chest diseases including
COVID-19, with greater than 96%


Rises C&CC for Cancer Care

Rises C&CC provides Treatment
Response Assessment for Breast
Cancer, Liver Cancer, Brain Cancer and
Prostate Cancer

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Zeblok and have come together to offer the Smart Healthcare algorithm as part of Zeblok’s ecosystem.


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