Our Solutions

Enabling Business Innovation for

Enterprises, Cloud Service Providers, Edge Operators & ISVs

  • Single AI-PaaS across your enterprise 

  • Unify entire AI life-cycle 

  • Security & compliance of your own data center

  • Open source framework support

  • HPC infrastructure support in one click

  • Access to curated AI algorithms

Edge Operators
  • Make AI/ML PaaS part of the Edge-Telco-Cloud ecosystem

  • Reap benefits of 5G & low latency 

  • AI-Inference at the Edge for quick decisions

  • Deliver real-time, production ready AI/ML solutions 

Cloud Service Providers
  • Onsell AI-PaaS to

  • Compete with public clouds

  • Offer low latency AI solutions

  • Promote high margin services

  • Keep customers longer

  • API integration for metering & IaaS Orchestration apps

  • Build innovative solutions with AI/ML enablement

  • Need accelerated computing 

  • Curated Al Algorithms

  • Cloud Native integration


  • Offer AI-PaaS as an integrated solution to Enterprise clients

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