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We want you to experience the power of AI and how it can be applied to challenges in your business by test driving our Explainable AI algorithm on the Zeblok AI-as-a-Service Platform. Please choose one of the projects below: 

21 Days' Complimentary Access to the Zeblok Platform to

Execute the Project of Your Choice

Zeblok offers you 21 days of complimentary access to its AI-as-a-Service Platform. Tackle a real challenge that your business faces – either pipeline forecasting or resource demand forecasting or a project of your own design using Akai Kaeru's Explainable AI algorithm, available exclusively on the Zeblok Platform. Our team will execute the project – from data pipelining and running the algorithm to interpreting output and tweaking parameters.

Project #1: Sales Pipeline Forecasting

As they say, "If There's a Sales Pipeline, There's a Sales Forecast Challenge." We will work with you to demonstrate the power of Artificial Intelligence using Explainable AI algorithm and your sales Pipleline data to do a preliminary forecast analysis. 


Sales forecast analysis can be done at a deeper level and it can be an on-going analysis, customized based on your evolving needs. The trial project will help us demonstrate the power of our Explainable AI Algorithm, Zeblok's AI-as-a-Service platform and its usability in conducting in-depth multi-variate analysis.

Project #2: Data Center Resource Demand Forecasting

Data center operators always need to plan ahead to meet customers' resource demands. Hardware delivery delays, racking & stacking servers, networking and configuration all require project planning and coordination across multiple teams. An accurate forecast of future resource demand helps immensely.  


We will work with you to demonstrate the power of Artificial Intelligence using Explainable AI algorithm and your real data center resource utilization data to do a preliminary forecast analysis.

Data center resource demand forecasting can be an on-going analysis that is customized based on your needs. This trial project will demonstrate the power of our Explainable AI algorithm, Zeblok's AI-as-a-Service platform and its usability in conducting in-depth multi-variate analysis.

Project #3: Design Your Own Project

Tackle a specific challenge your business is facing – You design the analysis you want to perform on an unwieldy dataset that our Explainable AI algorithm may be able to render less impenetrable.   


We will work with you to demonstrate the power of Artificial Intelligence using Explainable AI algorithm and your data to get at the heart of the issue.

If you have in-house data scientists, they can build an AI model using your data and the resources on our platform – the familiar Jupyter notebook and tools, such as R, Python and Scala – available via a simple user interface on a web browser. They can get started in minutes and take the lead. If your organization does not include data scientists, we will do it.

Non Disclosure Agreement

To ensure confidentiality of your data, please complete a mutual Non-disclosure Agreement.  

Terms & Conditions
  • Trial offered here is at no cost to MSP/DCO.

  • Zeblok Computational Inc. has the right to accept or reject any request for a trial, without giving any reason. Zeblok Computational's decision in this regard will be final. 

  • MSP/DCOs can choose only one option among Project #1, or Project #2 or Project #3.

  • Zeblok Computational Inc. will determine the extent of work done during the trial project, as the scope of each analysis can vary and the professional services effort needed to build a full-scale AI model can be significant.

  • All the data shared by MSP/DCOs will be used for the trial project only, will be maintained in strictest security and will be deleted and cleared from the Zeblok Computational Platform immediately after the trial period ends, unless you wish to continue the project on a paid basis.  

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